25 Sep 2008

News Channel...Information outlets or TRP gimmicks...

News channels....Whats the first thing/word that comes to your mind??.....Think hard...and ask urself...why do u watch news channels??...for information download...for news updates??...for stock market checks?? or just coz u have run out of things to watch on the idiot box. I have reached a phase where nothing on TV seems to interest me, (except ofcourse the all time F.R.I.E.N.D.S series) which i watch not out of interest, but to loosen up for the day.

When I was in an age where keeping myself updated on the ongoings was important, I used to find the news channels the biggest medium for information (coz i was a couch potato....literally!!!) But I find the quality of news that we see is drastically receding. Not just because of the happenings in the city...but its the way they are covered. As far as I used to know the definition of Media, they are supposed to be sharing information, instead of making accusations (not quoting anyone) or reaching conclusions. It doesnt matter where, who, how and what the news is, media is always there making the most of it...whether its MNS trying to save the culture, or Terrorists trying to blow the country apart, Abhi-Ash wedding, Gold medalist not getting a cab story...or the world coming to an end story.

I am not denying that we are supposed to be given facts and updates, but do TRPs make a difference when you are just downloading information. I just recently surfed the channels giving out their versions of the investigations of the recent blasts. I am in a way glad that they chose to keep us up-to-date on recent news, but do u have the right to make a mockery out of people? Eg. Khali, or even Rahul Mahajan or even our common man.
FEW HEADLINES: (probably from a time when the country was most peaceful and there was nothing interesting enuff to cover.)
What is this?? a reality show for minute by minute update???? whats the point of showing a personal moment on television just to cover air time????????

I would leave it to you to decide..Is media really about information download or are these TR gimmicks...I think the movie MUMBAI MERI JAAN, really throws a little light on this issue...a must watch...Good day/night.

24 Sep 2008

Book Review: Shopaholic and sister

Shopaholic and sister by Sophie Kinsella is an interesting book which any females siblings can relate to. I m sure a family always consists of siblings who are mostly opposite each other in personalities. I can vouch for this because I am a part of a terrific duo. Becky Bloomwood and husband Luke are back from their extended honeymoon, and trying to settle down into life as a married couple. Having moved back to London, Becky’s out of a job and needs a way to entertain herself, but having gone a little...well...over the top with her shopping recently, Luke’s laying down some rules when it comes to money. That’s part of the story – the rest

As the title would suggest, the major part of the novel concerns a sibling. While she’s been away it transpires she does have a half sister at the other end of the country – a girl just a few years older than her, who she never knew anything about. Becky is delighted with the prospect of becoming best friends and shopping buddies with big sis Jess, but when they meet she begins to realise that things won’t be turning out exactly how she’s been dreaming.

Another part of the book also includes Suze who has been Becky's childhood friend, but since Becky was away on her honeymoon, has become busy with her twins and a new entrant in her life, Lulu, apparently her new best friend. This relationship also shows shades when the friendship starts breaking apart and finds a reunion at the end of the novel.

I wouldn't wanna ruin the end of the novel for you, since its takes many twists and turns for Becky to find a new self and set her priorities right.

The concept is nice and so is the way relations are handled. On researching about Sophie Kinsella's way of writing, i found out, she is best at making relationships work in her books. The situations mentioned are definitely something we can relate to whether we are a shopaholic or sibling of one.

Cud be better:
I think the situation with Suze and Lulu has been sidetracked in the novel. This relationship could have been given more importance since she has been her best friend since childhood.

My rating: 4/5