12 Jan 2009

Sapne to apne hai....

I sit in my most favourite place in the world at this point of time...My balcony...Its 11:30 pm...the night is silent..the world is still...The sky is clean...and its absolute silence that I experience. I am sure each one of us..at some point..need a special place of ours, where we can gather our thoughts..be with ourselves and just let the mind at peace.

My balcony is that one place i feel one with myself..place i can write...dream...sing...think...or just close my eyes and let the cold breeze brush my shoulder while i slip in the arms of sleep.

Thoughts that cross my mind in this place is about my dreams...no..not about dreams of what i wanna become or what i wish to achieve in life..etc..Just regular dreams that we see when we sleep. They say our subconscious mind shows us those dreams..What has occupied our mind is what we see...It is proven by science..and I believe its true...For eg. During my SSC exams, I used to see my friend's mom in the most hideous look with a book in one hand and a ruler in another screaming her lungs out at her daughter to out beat me..lol..(she used to supervise us in studies..lol) Another one i remember was someone always used to chase me down the stairs..and i used to become some kind of superwoman..jumping 8 flights of stairs at a time..haha...and eventually i used to slip and fall into an endless pit and wake up..

But most of my dreams have always had landscapes...photographs...like a slide show...of snow clad mountains...green landscapes...windy beaches...sandy deserts...hill tops with the never-seen flowers...etc and it used to be BEAUTIFUL...as i grew up...those dreams disappeared..and were taken place by dreams of a knight in shining armour..saving me from a fortress...haha...

I remember as a child i had made a list of things i wanted my marriage ceremony to be like...and the person i wanted to marry to be like. I was just 8 yrs old then. Mom says I was adorable and had mentioned things like "He should have hair (i.e he shouldn't be bald..lol)..He should be as white as snow (i.e he shud be fair..lol) and He shud have a red maruti car and a bungalow. I want to have 3 sarees in marraige...pink...white and yellow...all diamond studded..and i want to wear a crown in my marriage..(that used to be the filmy marriage in those days..*wink*)..

Dreams...mean different things to different people..at different ages...when we are young, we believe that whatever we dream can be achieved...as we grow up...apparently we become matured..and practical...and realise that somethings are just not achievable...or are they?? A food for thought..what one do you think is better??...dreaming as a child and feeling everything is possible if we try...or dreaming as an adult and giving up our dreams coz we FEEL its not possible and not even attempting...???

I leave the thought to you...Are you living your dream??? Do comment and tell me what you do and is it what you always dreamt of doing in life...If NO...then why are you doing it??

Awaiting responses...

5 Jan 2009

Soul Mate or Solo Mate???

Confused with the title??...Well...read on..and you will know what I m talking about...
I am going through a phase of life where I want to meet someone and settle down for good...to express what i mean...Ek shayari arz hai...

Zindagi में ...ें
... dost तो कई मीले पर... उस एक हमसफ़र की तलाश है ,
...dard तो कई मीले... पर उस एक घाँव की तलाश है ,
...धूप तो कई मीली ...पर उस एक छाँव की तलाश है ,
...raaste तो कई मीले ....पर उस एक Manzil की तलाश है

I am sure everyone goes through this kind of phase in the life atleast once..which brings me to my question..Do you believe in the concept of 'soul mate'?? I know its a subjective question...but like a dialogue of a movie claims..."someone somewhere is made for you". Is that really true??
Is it an exagerrated concept ....or should I actually believe in destiny and wait for my special someone?

Since childhood, I have heard, marraiges are made in heaven...so are divorces the invention of earth?? or is it that divorces are for those who probably didnt suceed in finding their 'soul mate'??

There are two sides to every coin..and if i should wait for my special someone...how would i recognise him? What if he is right in front of me and I dont recognise him?? But i guess its a risk that everyone takes...and even i will have to one day...

The confusion begins here....If my soul mate means my SOLO mate..ie. there is only one perfect guy for every girl..and the other way round..then why not give the marraige or relationship a chance and work on it. So what i m trying to say is that if believing in the philosophy of 'soul-mate' is to believe that the person that we are with is the only one we are SUPPOSED to be with...then people would start working on their failed marraiges...broken relationships..etc....

Dont you think the concept of soul-mate is more effective than our so-called indian culture expecting us to work on relationships just because divorced individuals or individuals with a unsuccesful relationship are not accepted easily in our society...because they are termed as "failures"

I think its good...I guess I m gonna believe that the person I chose to marry is my Soul-mate..and he is my solo-mate...coz I chose to be with him...and no matter what anyone says...thats what i destined myself to do...right???

Think over it...and try and look at your partner with this blog somewhere in the corner of your mind...You just might be saving a heaven-made-relationship... *wink*