20 Jul 2009

Short Series: From A to Z and back...Part Two

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A is startled by the sudden crash and looks towards the window. It was the beautiful crystal vase that her mom's friend had gifted them on her parent's 25th Anniversary a couple of months back.

"Damn..not another stormy night", she said. But something about this night made her feel like Anything's possible. While A starts gathering the shattered pieces off the ground, Ding goes the msn messenger that A had forgotten to log off before she got to her reading.

V says: Hey Happy Friendship's Day to you too.
Happy Friendship's day says: (Damn, shud've changed that friendship day status a week back)Hi...Thank you, May I know who this is?
V says: Yes, I THINK you added me a week back from datingtoday.com's dating profile. I might have emailed in response to your profile.
Happy Friendship's Day says: (Oh..its one of them) Oh, Ok..Yes. I am sorry, but a week has impacted my memory. Do you mind if we start over again. But just need a few minutes before I get back to you.
V says: That's fine. I might not be available since I got some stuff to complete. Maybe another mins here. Maybe we can talk on the phone if you want later.
Happy Friendship's Days says:
(hmm....someone's quick) hmm..well I dont trust people off net so soon. Lets see. Talk to you later. Brb.
V says: sure.

A gets back to clearing the mess and mopping the floor up. After about 6 mins, she get back to the comp.

Happy Friendship's Days says: (yikes...is he gone?) hey...u there?
V says: which version of msn msnger are you using? because last I checked, if the person shows online, he/she is still ONLINE. Haha. Just kidding...
Happy Friendship's Day says: (oo...someone with a sense of humour...thats refreshing) Haha, yeah, sorry. I have some people here who always show online but never talk. I thought you might be like them.
V says: Ohk...Nice save. :P

The conversation goes on for about 30 mins, where they discuss music, likes, dislikes, politics, etc. A had never felt the same way before. She was talking to a stranger, and actually LIKING it.
V says: Its been really nice talking to you. But i got to get back to work. Have some music compositions to complete before tomorrow morning.
Happy Friendship's Day says: (ooo...music composer, interesting) Oh, no issues. Will keep in touch. Hope to see you on msn soon.
V says: Actually I hardly check my msn. Mind if we talk on the phone. 25707841 is my number. Do call if you wanna talk later. Bye...Adios...
Happy Friendship's Day says: (there we go again with the number...lol) Ok good night.

Should A call him ?? Is it safe to trust a stranger off the net ?? that too from a dating site ?? But she really thinks he is genuine....Maybe he should give him a chance. Afterall... what can one phone call lead to??

Why don't you help her decide....any suggestions??

8 Jul 2009

Short Series: From A to Z and back...Part One.

Rain was banging against the window of A's balcony, while she was reading the then-latest Sidney Sheldon's "Doomsday conspiracy".

Its been almost a week since A had joined her multimedia classes and was utilising 3 hrs in the day for some much needed extra-curricular activity. She still had no clue what to do with the rest of the time. Out of curiousity, she had ended up registering a dating profile on one of the then famous dating site. she definitely underestimated the power of World Wide Web, because she did not expect more than 4-5 responses on her profile. To her horror, her inbox was full with 350 emails from various parts of India.

The crucial task of sorting the responses into Yes, No, Maybe, Are you kidding me??, and Why do they even bother? had taken her 3 days and 5-6 hrs per day, leaving her with Sidney Sheldon as her only hope to find something close to entertainment.

When suddenly... CRASHHHH!!!!!!

...to be continued.....

4 Jul 2009

Back from the dead...umm....I think...

If you are reading this, thanks for remembering me. I know its been a while since I made an appearance and people have been asking me reasons for my disappearance. There were many times when I decided to write something, or times when I was on the way to some place and I thought,"Hey, that is something I could write about". But whenever I came back home and actually sat to type it down, I simply ran out of things I could write on that topic.

I don't know what led to this, but I guess this is what they call a 'Writer's Block'. However in my case, its just a BLOCK.

I write here today, to just keep this blog alive. Frankly, I have been very regular on my photo blog "Memories are just a click away". One of the reasons for that was that it didn't require any writing or any topics (most of the times).

I am going through a lot of changes in my life right now, and for once I thought I would write about it, but changed my mind, thinking that "hmmph ....no one wants to read about my life." So I gave up.

Right now, I am looking for an inspiration, a thought, a reason to write. I hope to find it soon. Till then, please be patient with me.

Hope to see u soon.

Adios. Ciao