7 Jun 2009

Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge...

Its 10 mins past 9:00 and my phone rings on its usual ring tone...Jaane kyon...Dill chahta...Tu hai to...."hello...?" The familiar voice on the other end sounds somewhat like a charcoal operated train...on speed breakers..."Haha..hey babes...hahaha...Shut up yaar, I am calling her...Hi...wassup..??" and I know, this is one time, when none of my excuses are ever gonna help me. That's Bhavika and Anu, two of my best friends recently...Calling me down for the thrice-in-a-week session of Talk-listen-talk-comment-talk-listen...with all the talking mostly done by just one person. ;)

I try every excuse (which sound genuine for that moment...to ME) in my book. Unfortunately, none of them work, and I end up changing into my gym workout clothes and shoes and reaching down. After a 15 minute wait, and several Phone calls, Anu turns up...looking all charged up to enjoy the these-days-rare "trio-session". Bhavika, is still out of sight and after 30 minutes and several phone calls and 'I am in the lift' excuses, we see her in a distance.

The session starts with me and Anu cribbing about how she makes us wait EVERY TIME and how she needs to be more 'available' and then "Arrey...sorry yaar..Actually na..Blah blah blah." The blahs are not an indication of her excuses...but honestly, she narrates her whole trip of where she has been ...with who...what she did...what was funny....etc etc etc. And by the end of the story, we both (anu and me) end up forgetting the reason why we were angry...Or EVEN the fact that we WERE angry with her.

The session goes on for more than 90 minutes and we are back to feeling the way we have always felt in each other's company. Our group of 3 has had the most absurd, serious, hilarious, and eye-opening conversations we ever cud have with anyone else.

Bhavika: She is the talker in the group...There is no topic in the world that she CANNOT talk about. She can make a story, even at the mention of a small fly sitting on the road.."arrey that reminds me, You know what happened?" and there she goes...with another exciting road trip of hers... Bhavika is one person, who has always been the positive breath of fresh air in the group. With her around, I find it most difficult to keep a straight face..or a negative thought in my mind. :) Do read her blog, to read her first amazing attempt at story writing, and you will know what I am talking about. Please help me encourage her at blogging regularly, by commenting on her blog.

Anu: She is the listener of our group. I wouldn't call her an introvert, but with Bhavika around, even she rarely gets a chance to talk... An ambitious, free-spirited girl, with opinions about everything, and suggestions for every healthy food under the sun..She is my inspiration when I get bored of eating the same kind of diet every week. She probably doesn't know, but I sometimes call her during the time she is having her lunch/dinner, just to find out what new experiment she has done with her diet today. I am proud to say that out of all 3, she is the only one who was determined enough to stick to her schedule and achieve her targets. Keep up the good work darling..We both admire you for that.

Our group is unique, because each of us complete each other...and compliment each other. Bhavika talks, Anu listens, and I write blogs on them. Hahaha, I love you both gals..

I am sure we all have such buddies in our lives...Ever tried to share your friendship with the world?...or at least with me?? Go ahead...comment and tell me a bit about them.