25 Feb 2009

Things to do before I die...

I have seen the movie THE BUCKET LIST twice...as well as DASVIDANIYA (which is based on same lines)..which gets me to a thought of my blog today...Have we ever wondered about what if we could know when we are gonna die??

No No...I ain't suicidal...lol.. Just thinking..Each of us has things that we think of doing/seeing/feeling/experiencing before we die..These movies are about the ironically fortunate people who found out that they were going to die soon. Fortunate...coz that makes it planning sooo much easier for us when we leave. I have heard recently... "हम इस दुनिया में कैसे आयेंगे यह तो हमारे बस में नही है...लेकिन कैसे जायेंगे इसकी तयारी तो कर ही सकते है...."
Mythology says, that any living being gets to be a human form once in a 1000 lifetimes and if that's true, I don't definitely wanna miss the chance to do everything i want to do in this lifetime. This list could have things as small as Being able to climb a 50 storey building in one go....(haha..I wish..) but that's what we are making...right?? A wish - List??...Ok...so here I go..

  1. Going to Paris and standing on top of Eiffel tower: Its been my favourite place to visit...not just coz its one of the 7 wonders...but coz its romantic..This point USED to include "with someone special" before...but I have decided to be picky...so I removed that clause. lol
  2. Adopt a Child: Well...I know I have been very lucky when it comes to family, friends, education, career, and finances. Lot of us crib about how less we have and how much others have..Ever wondered that YOU are that one person who has much better lifestyle than almost 30% of the population of our country??? I know its cliche to say "I want to make a difference" but i would wanna adopt the up-bringing of at least one child...(education-wise)...if not otherwise.
  3. Donate my Eyes: I don't receive compliments a lot...but the most compliments i have received in my life so far is for my eyes..Find it a stupid reason to donate my eyes?? Well..sorry my friend...I don't need a reason to donate my eyes..Its just an information I wanted to share...hahaha...
  4. See the 7 wonders of the world: Its a very common wish for everyone. and I don't have any different reason to have it here too. I just wanna see whatever of the world i can see.
  5. Elope: hahahahaha...If not with someone...then on my own....No explanations...Just sounds like an exciting thing to do...Hahaha...I like the idea of leaving my house...not knowing where i wanna go...or how much will i end up spending...or where i will end up spending the night...taking lifts on the way...going from one place to another on trucks...(filled with lambs and hay...hahaha)...sounds crazy?? Precisely why i wanna do it.
  6. Live a life of a princess for a week: I know it contradicts my earlier wish...but its wish...doesn't consult other wishes..hahaha...Ok...this wish basically means travelling on limousines...being catered to at restaurants....5-star treatment at spas...Living at 7-star hotels...Having breakfast in Greece....lunch in china...and dinner in Paris on the same day.....rose-water bath tubs...candles all around...etc...
  7. Meet Juhi Chavla: Well...she has been my favourite ever since i can remember...Her smile, her eyes, her dimples...the twinkle in her eyes....I love them all..I adore, admire, and idolize her...
  8. Throw a party and invite every friend I have ever known: I have had many moments in my life (till today) that I have lost touch with friends just like that...without proper goodbyes...There have been times that I have not been able to thank them or abuse them for whatever reason we haven't kept in touch...I want each and every person that I known and called a friend to be there during my last days of my life and if u r reading this...you are Invited.

Well...thats all i can think of as of now...and as and when i can think of something...will add it up here..

Now I need a little help from u...Can u help me to fulfill any of these things in the wish list? You are most welcome to lemme know...OR If u want to make your own wish-list...add a comment and write it up...Maybe me and other who read this blog might be able to help you out... Deal? cool...so what r u waiting for??

Cheers to life!!!

12 Feb 2009

I see them....

I walk through the mall...multiplexes....colleges...bus stops. I see them. I walk across flower shops....gift shops...coffee shops....I seem them. I walk on roads....highways....platforms...gallis...I see them...Wondering who I m talking about??? Girls, Guys and "others" in love....ha-ha
Have you ever heard of the term "PDA"?? Lemme give u a little insight on the same...PDA stands for Public Display of Affection...holding hands...sitting next to each other...kissing (hope the moral police doesn’t read this blog, *wink*)...resting heads on shoulders...or just feeding each other popcorns on a beach...

Recently I have started observing people around me while traveling...It helps the journey seem shorter. Few days back I saw a girl traveling in the bus with me. She must be around 19-20 yrs old...I traveled for around 40 mins...she was on the phone...from my stop till the last stop of the bus. I like the thought of love being in the air...takes the mind off the other terrible things happening around me..

Besides its February...The month that people who are in love look forward to...plan since months...say things like "Its our first valentine!!!" I don’t have a problem with people acting as if everything around them is make of pink fluffy balloons...doves are more than birds...and roses are talking messengers... But what’s with the day being special??? If two people love each other...shud’nt everyday be special...?? Why look for an excuse to express?? It’s of course a perception that many ppl share…that Valentines is over rated.

On other hand…what’s wrong with using a DATE as an excuse to express…??? With the competitive world…no one has the time to wait and say “I love you.” “I care for you”…”I like you”…etc...But there are practical ppl who wonder whats the big deal about Valentines?? and who declared the date as Velentine's Day....so lemme help you of WHY 14th FEBRUARY is celebrated as Valentine's Day.

I read this mail I got recently giving me insight on why is valentine’s day celebrated?? And how It all started… Read on…

Quick history lesson . . . Did u know why we celebrate Valentine's Day? Actually there are several stories about why Valentine's Day is celebrated but the one that is my favourite is that when Saint Valentine, a priest refused an unattested law attributed to Roman Emperor Claudius II, ordering that young men should remain single. The Emperor supposedly did this to grow his army believing that married men did not make for good soldiers. The priest Valentine, however, secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young men.

When Claudius found out about this, he had Valentine arrested and thrown in jail. Legend has it that, on the evening before Saint Valentine was to be executed, he wrote the first "valentine" himself, addressed to the jailer's blind daughter whom he had healed and fallen in love with. It was a note that read "From your Valentine."

So now you know the real history for the reason we celebrate the day that you look forward to???

But I need to know…What do u think?? Is Valentine’s day Over-rated? Comment your opinions…Waiting…..

In the mean time……………..Happy Valentine’s Day!!!