5 Jan 2009

Soul Mate or Solo Mate???

Confused with the title??...Well...read on..and you will know what I m talking about...
I am going through a phase of life where I want to meet someone and settle down for good...to express what i mean...Ek shayari arz hai...

Zindagi में ...ें
... dost तो कई मीले पर... उस एक हमसफ़र की तलाश है ,
...dard तो कई मीले... पर उस एक घाँव की तलाश है ,
...धूप तो कई मीली ...पर उस एक छाँव की तलाश है ,
...raaste तो कई मीले ....पर उस एक Manzil की तलाश है

I am sure everyone goes through this kind of phase in the life atleast once..which brings me to my question..Do you believe in the concept of 'soul mate'?? I know its a subjective question...but like a dialogue of a movie claims..."someone somewhere is made for you". Is that really true??
Is it an exagerrated concept ....or should I actually believe in destiny and wait for my special someone?

Since childhood, I have heard, marraiges are made in heaven...so are divorces the invention of earth?? or is it that divorces are for those who probably didnt suceed in finding their 'soul mate'??

There are two sides to every coin..and if i should wait for my special someone...how would i recognise him? What if he is right in front of me and I dont recognise him?? But i guess its a risk that everyone takes...and even i will have to one day...

The confusion begins here....If my soul mate means my SOLO mate..ie. there is only one perfect guy for every girl..and the other way round..then why not give the marraige or relationship a chance and work on it. So what i m trying to say is that if believing in the philosophy of 'soul-mate' is to believe that the person that we are with is the only one we are SUPPOSED to be with...then people would start working on their failed marraiges...broken relationships..etc....

Dont you think the concept of soul-mate is more effective than our so-called indian culture expecting us to work on relationships just because divorced individuals or individuals with a unsuccesful relationship are not accepted easily in our society...because they are termed as "failures"

I think its good...I guess I m gonna believe that the person I chose to marry is my Soul-mate..and he is my solo-mate...coz I chose to be with him...and no matter what anyone says...thats what i destined myself to do...right???

Think over it...and try and look at your partner with this blog somewhere in the corner of your mind...You just might be saving a heaven-made-relationship... *wink*


Anand. said...

Why has this post's font changed from other posts?
Nice thots. Post more.

Anand said...
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Anand said...

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