1 Jul 2010

Trip down memory lanes...in the rains

Hi all,

I know its been a long time since I posted something here, but life has been really busy lately and I have been literally feeling like on a roller coaster ride since last one year with so many things changing around and within me.

The sole reason for me to write this post today is the weather outside.I have always been a die-hard romantic, and monsoon just brings out the creative side of me. So I thought, what better time to write than the season of romance and beauty.

I know a lot of people crib about a traffic, mud, puddles, wet clothes, power cuts, and lots of other things that don't seem to work in this season, but no matter what happens, I can't seem to avoid enjoying this weather.

One thing that rainy season always reminds me of, is my childhood. We used to have a terrace flat with a wooden swing and pots of plants all around. Our terrace used to look out to a mountain with small huts on them (accessories in Mumbai that we call 'slums'). First few days of rains used to make that mountain filled with dwellings, look like a rain forest with drops of color smudged on them on purpose.

Its used to be a sight to see and If i was old enough to handle a camera, I would have definitely clicked pictures to capture every year's rain. It was some kind of family tradition to get drenched in the first rain all together and we all used to cherish those times together when it was raining heavily and wind was blowing and the family used to be all cuddled up under the roof that held the swing. The memories of those days still brings a smile on our faces and that location is closely associated with my memory of rainy season of initial years.

As I was growing up, the meaning of rain changed for me. During school days, heavy rains used to mean holidays for us, and the excitement of staying home, watching T.V. and playing with friends all day used to add to the fun element. We used to love in a neighborhood where children from all buildings used to be friends and we used to have a group that gathered on the society terrace for playing games like football and classic games like 'hide and seek' and 'catch me if you can'. I am sure that bruises in rains and catching cold during those days make a small part of every child's memory.

Unfortunately, as I got into college and career, job, friends, social life and obligations made me take rains for granted. the 5 years of BPO life somehow took me away from the day view of the rainy season. However, I still remember the day when heavy floods got us stuck in the office for 3 days. We had all slept in the office with 2 chair becoming our royal bed and the few foam beds giving comfort to our Oh-So-Special agents. Unlimited flow of tea, biscuits, and sandwiches was what we had to avoid dehydration of our agents with energy and thirst. It was a definite memorable rainy season of my adult life.
These days, rainy season has a new meaning for me, and that is something every girl who is newly in a relationship experiences. Even though the feeling is different from person to person, it's difficult to describe the effect that this season has on people in relationship. I now understand why rainy season is mostly associated with 'Romance' in Novels and Movies. I am still getting over the feeling of this season's monsoon, so maybe my photo-blog will have some clicks from the season this year. Do visit for sharing my view on the Monsoon in Mumbai.

I hope this post helps you re-collect some of your old memories of rainy season. Feel free to share in the comments anytime.

Hopefully see you soon with a new post.


Prats said...

Welcome back!!!

Nice post... Love the rainy season

Satish Acharya said...

I could feel the rain drops and after reading felt like I drenched in the rains. Yes, Monsoon brings out all our emotions out and fills us with fresh moments. Thanks for sharing your moments

Anonymous said...

Rains bring very special memories for me too. Most notably one scene stands out in the collage of many memories - that is me on my bike with my gf of those days behind me. Holding me tight. We are both cold, wet. Rain drops stinging our face. Excitement. Young teenage passion throbbing in our veins. People around looking at us in amusement. We didnt care who was watching, we were laughing away. Fully drenched we arrive at a disc. The AC blast making us even more cold in our wet clothes. We slip into a warm embrace. In one corner of the disc. Darkness envelops us. Slowly the world around us melts away. It is just me and her. Our lips meet. A memory is made and permanently etched in our lives.

shIrIn said...

although i never liked getting drenched in the rains that much,
monsoons always tend to bring some very fond memories... this one is of the time when i was staying in a hostel in Pilani (a small town in Rajasthan). Peacocks roamed around the hostel premises like pigeons in Mumbai. During monsoons they used to spread their wings and dance.... that is one of the most beautiful sight i ever witnessed.