25 Jan 2011

New Life, New Beginning, New Change

Was trying to find something to base life upon,
Something in the world around that went on & on,
Years went by & time faded away,
Good days were then filled with dismay.
A New day came, and then again, it went,
My ambition to become something more, grew more and got spent,
Around the corner, yet miles away,
The life I wanted then, got closer each day.
All I ever wanted was something to live for,
I didn't want to be this little person anymore.
I had been basing my life upon what others thought,
I wished I could go back and redo everything, give back every bad thought I bought.
I had fought to become who I was and what I wanted to be,
I had to remind myself that one day, I will be free.
Free from the rules I followed as a child,
When everything was a game and life was so mild.
Soon times had changed and I realized life was fair,
And somehow felt I found someone to care,
Someone to pay attention and know what is best for me,
and understood what I felt about how things should be.
I understand now, that I’m no more on my own,
And I know a lot of what I CAN do.... is yet to be known.

To the person who makes me a better person. :)


Shubbhi said...

excellent baby. great piece of work.

viva_andya said...

wonderful compsition