6 Jan 2010

I miss my Old Self...

I Look down deep,
deep inside of my mind;
an old part of me,
I know I will find.

The part that is hiding
and doesn't want to be found;
it has hidden too long
and won't come around.

I know it is there,
hiding way down inside
the place that I think
I have gone in to hide.

I want to Let myself free;
let it run, let it ride.
Let it out, let it sing;
let it out from inside.

It has hidden too long,
that old self that was me;
because I was hurt,
I want to let it out and leap.

There is something there
that is wonderful indeed;
it was once nourished -
it came from a seed.

That wonderful me
that I hide deep inside,
I want to let it out, let it run;
I dont want to let it hide.

Those who really know me
miss the old me indeed;
and for that they are sad.
They only want what's best for me

I wanna let myself out;
be happy, be glad.
Not let the past hold me;
the one that was bad.

Oh, I see bits and pieces
every once in a while;
the old me shines through
and gives out a smile.

I miss that part,
that old part of me
I miss all the fun
and the laughter indeed.

I wanna come back.
I hope I find the way
back into the life
hoping i will stay that way;

Because I do miss
that old part of me,
the one I was,
my old self indeed.

That one that is hopeful,
joyous, and glad -
in a world full of love,
even though good and bad.

The world won't change.
It's sad but it's true;
but I know that I can
come back out through.

The one who is happy
and sees all that is great -
the one who's optimistic,
who doesn't care if they're late.

I've hidden too long
deep down inside.
I've crawled into myself,
and I tried to hide.

I'm still learning
to set myself free;
one day I will learn
how to be the old me.


Anonymous said...

sometimes life can be a bitch huh,
but dont miss the old self,be the old self NOW...things change,circumstances change,people in your life may change,people will come people will go,but u r there,the old self...one neednt stop having fun or goin to movies,so what if theres noone to go along with u,
u can still go...treat yourself to a good time,
remember that b4 this,u were till watchin movies,havin fun albiet with other people

shIrIn said...


Anonymous said...

This is a great poem.. it says just how I feel right now

andrea ticzon said...

I could super relate :)

Anonymous said...

this poem is awesome.. really describe what i'm feeling right now....thank you so much

Suhail Merchant said...

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Very,very good poem.Keep it up.I love it.

Anonymous said...

you have beautiful poem. I can clearly relate to it, cause that's what i feel right now. thank you.

adeel said...

Thanks for each word u wrote .. awesome