7 Jan 2010

Short Series: From A to Z and back...Part Three

After a lot of pondering, A decides to give him a call..After all, What harm would it do. I mean, if its meant to be, it will be...right?

A dials the number ...Tring Tring...


A: Hi.. May I speak to V?
(This was a bad idea...!!..Hang up...right now..)
V: Speaking, who is this?
A: Hi..I am not sure if you remember me, we spoke around a week back just once. A here...??
(please say yes...)
V: Oh yeah...hi...wassup..I was wondering why you didn't call back, I mean i would have, but you never gave me your number.
A: Oh, yeah. I just wasn't sure if it was appropriate..Anyways...Will give you my number by the end of this call. (its better to play safe..I mean lets see if I still enjoy talking to him)
V: That sounds fair..I mean I don't know if will still like talking to me the second time..right?
(shit he read my mind)
A: Ha ha, So, hows life in the last one week?
V: Life's good...Have been busy doing stuff...Wassup with you?

And the conversation goes on...A cant believe that it AGAIN went on for more than 30 mins.

V: Hey by the way...Which part of Bombay are you from?
A: What makes you think I am from Bombay? (assumption is the mother of all dot dot dot)
V: Well, I find it difficult to believe that someone would spend so much time and money on an STD call...Lol
A: Smart..I am from Vikroli.
V: Hey that's like 15 mins away from where I am..What a small world.
A: I guess the Internet is bringing people closer... (small world indeed)
V: yeah, so you think we can exchange numbers and maybe catch up sometime? I mean i m working on some new stuff lately..Maybe you wanna hear some of it.
A: Are you asking me out? (that was quick)
V: Haha, well...if that term makes you say Yes, then yeah... How about tomorrow?
A: Why don't I let you know by evening? (I don't wanna sound desperate now...do i?)
V: Take your time, but I got to get back to work. In case we don't talk again...It was nice knowing you.
A: Why do you think we wont talk again? (It cant be a brush off...specially since he has "asked me out")
V: Well, Just a thought.. :P
A: Don't worry, You are in for a surprise..
V: Talk to you soon?
A: yeah..by the way, my number is.... ********** (I hope i don't regret this)
V: Thanks :)
A: Sure.. See ya.

A hangs up...and goes into the balcony wondering what just happened and reminding herself...He is a stranger...Don't get carried away....Don't get carried away....DO NOT get carried away...Or was it too late?

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Suhail Merchant said...

Nice! Very interesting to read. I was caught by the summary and had to read till the end. Btw, please delete the comment, they are porn links. And no, I don't have to click on them to know, I read Japanese remember?