11 Oct 2011

10 Day Challenge - 10 Secrets

Lately my blog might have looked like it was obsessed with mumbai city, but it just had run out of things to write posts on. So when I read Shirin's Blog recently, I knew that this was the best way to get the blog back to its rhythm and change its state of mind. I do remember doing this kind of a post in the past 10 things tag, so it will be difficult to find new things but I guess that's why its a challenge.So here goes...

I wonder if this topic really brings out the top 10 secrets of a person's life, or does it just mentions the 10 things that normally people wouldn't know about any general human being? Well, no one shares secrets..specially to strangers...So here goes my 10 "secrets" (aka things) that not many know

  1. I am an absent-minded person. Unless the work, or date or appointment is important for me, chances are that I will probably end up not sticking to it. My long term memory is pathetic. Its like the girl in movie 50 First Dates, my memory tends to get refreshed every night as I sleep. It tends to discard the unwanted stuff and only register important data in my life. 
  2. I am a person who plans everything. Many people who know me hate this habit of mine. I always HAVE to know in advance my coming week's plans...But with a lot of spontaneous friends, I tend to drive them up the wall trying to ensure that they are available to meet if I m PLANNING something.
  3. I love playing snooker. There was a time when there used to be lot of gaming zones that used to encourage this game, but the sport seems to be disappearing with time and its been forever since I played a game with someone. Looking forward to another game...hopefully soon.
  4. I prefer being alone a lot, any time any place. I am not saying I am a loner, but if asked if I would prefer company or loneliness, I would definitely chose the later.
  5. I love beaches. Don't give me that Oh-gawd-another-typical-girl-look. If I had to settle down somewhere I would always prefer some place near to a water body of any kind (..and i don't mean gutters of mumbai). Beaches, sea, ocean, lakes, anything that makes the soothing sound of the water.
  6. I am a day dreamer and by that I mean, I can doze off at any place, sitting, standing, or lying down. Any moving vehicle will instantly put me off to a deep slumber. I have many times ended up missing my bus stops and train stations due to this habit of mine, but with practice the disease is now in control.
  7. I want to try backpacking someday. Just pick up my bag with bare necessities for survival, minimum amount of money, and start traveling on whatever mode of transport available...now that's a dream I want to be able to fulfill.
  8. I know I have said this before, but it can never be said less... I love my sister. I know she knows it too, but at times I make her life miserable. There is also something that I wish I could tell her, but I see so much of my mother in her. She has a lot of qualities that my mom used to have and seeing her, I miss mom a lot. My sister has always looked out for me and I am lucky to have her.
  9. Except samosas (they are my weakness), I prefer home food to any other place to eat. I would trade a plate of junk food to a plate of Dal, chawal, chapati and sabji any day.
  10. Lastly, I am scared of heights. I don't mean paranoid, but there are times when I m climbing down and I tend to just stop for seconds with the fear that I might trip and fall down the flight of stairs. 
So these are my 10 things that not many people would know. hopefully I can continue my 10 day challenge without any delays or speed bumps.

Hope to see you tomorrow, Adios, Ciao,
Take care.


Shubbhi said...

Love u a lot babes, and as I have been telling you for last one month, I will never let u miss mom.

Hopefully you will surely be able to fulfill one of these wishes soon. Go to Uran for beach for one. :)

slycandy said...

hey i knew somethings and some things i came to know now .....anyways love u and miss u alot

Voicing my Mind / Heart... said...

I knew each & every so called secrets of urs except that of "Snooker"!!

Spontaneous backpacking trip "V" have done if u remember our Lonavala Madness?? Min. expense on Travel as v traveled in an Open Truck just to "Refresh" ur memory keeping in mind ur Point No. 1!!

Love Ya for who U r & How u r!!! Keep Blogging as u r way too Good at it!!