22 Jan 2014

Baatein Bhool Jaati hai, Yaadein Yaad aati hai

Now that i have started blogging again, i started thinking that its actually been a while since I recalled my old days, my old pals, and my old life. I don't want to start with a BooHoo-My-life-has-changed blog. This time, I just want to make sure that some things / places /people are remembered for the simple reason that I don't want to end up forgetting them, and whenever I get a chance, I would like to go back and visit them as often as I can.


Since the day I can remember, I have always been a proud Mumbaikar. No, I wouldn't say I know everything and every place in this city. But I do know one thing and that is the fact that no matter where we go, There is no place like home. :)

Few places that have been very special to me and no matter where I am, I will always associate these places with the people closest to me or certain chapters in my life which were the turning point for me.
Powai Lake: This place has been very close to my heart for the simple reason being that as a central suburban resident, that's the closest we could be to a water body, and I love shores, be it a sea shore or a lake shore. It used to give me the serenity I used to look for..away from the chaos of life. Thankfully for me, my travelling route still gives me the pleasure of waving by to it, but its been a while since I had a proper rendezvous with it.

Bandra Bandstand: Many people associate certain places with certain people and this place just reminds me of the wonderful memories I made with my special someone who later become my better half for life. As I said earlier, I and shores have a special bond, also because I am a water sign,Scorpion (don't be scared, I don't bite) lol. Bandstand is known for its couple antics and "scenarios", but for me its just a place I got to know the most wonderful person in my life. Hence the special mention in this blog.

I also remember the various hobbies that I wish I could continue. 
Dancing, is and has been my life. I remember the days I used to attend salsa classes and the joy I used to get out of it... in spite of travelling 2 hrs just to reach the venue. It used to be all worth it. My first live performance for my classes, and the first time I wore a dress, made me feel alive.
Writing, is something I used to do for venting out and emptying the many irrelevant thoughts I used to get which had nothing to do with my regular life. If you don't know what I am talking about, read my previous blogs. They will show you that they are not necessarily conversational topics. They are just topics one thinks in their minds and moves on. I had almost given up on writing, but thanks to my husband, I have got back to writing again and hence the second blog in a week's time. I just hope to continue the same.
Singing. Well I used to be a decent singer but whenever I think about singing, it reminds me of my mother who inspired me to learn singing and pursue it as a hobby. My teacher used to say, singing cleanses the soul of a person, and helps the person open up to many things in life. Maybe not intentionally, but somewhere while singing I used to find myself taking the most difficult decisions of my life. I do miss it.

I miss my dad and my sister the most. My friends who I used to meet every evening to talk about the most absurd topics and still make sense. I miss my friend's ability to narrate stories every evening for hours together. I miss walking through malls with my friend just window shopping and deciding what we would probably buy someday if the occasion demanded it.(we never really bought anything). I miss my friend who could make me laugh no matter what the mood,  and who could make me go hysterical with just 5 words "somebody's gonna get hurt today". I miss people who when I spoke to had codewords only we understood. 

In spite of the long article, I am glad I have been able to jot down each and every one of the things, people and places that matter to me. Though a long blog...I guess for me..it was all worth it.

Have you ever thought about people who you miss, things you miss doing or places you miss visiting? Please do share them in the comments. I would love to know if there are more people like me out there.


Shubbhi said...

I so much agree with you in so many places and we too have lot more memories babes. :-)

Shubbhi said...

love u

Amar Harsora said...

I remember the time spent at Prudential Lobby and Mocha's n Galleria......with Sarita n team