24 Apr 2014

Types of Old Friends

Hey readers, long time no see.. umm,, read. Well, have been away for a while and I have been following IISuperwomanII these days which inspired me for today's post.

For those who don't know who she is.. Check out her videos on youtube on channel, click on the link IIsuperwomanII.

In today's world of facebook, Twitter, gtalk, hangout, skype etc, its easy to be in touch with old friends, but does being in touch virtually really count? Recently I have had a lot of old friends catch up with me and that brings me to writing this blog. You know there are friends one has from school, college, old childhod buildings, etc that you lose touch with in the years and all you are in touch with them is on fb or twitter or on some random messenger where u see each other online but rarely message since you wouldn't know what to say to each other. Its like the latest version of face to face awkward meets. "Hi, hello, wassup, what have u been upto.. sorry I m kinda busy, can I msg u later?" And that almost never happens. Today I would like to mention few types of friends who catch up after a long time..and categorise them...

Long lost friends: These are the best kind of old friends who you love to catch up with.. they know how u were when u were a kid and they know lot of things about u that u forgot. You both share the stories that only u can understand and laugh at.. However, the sad part is...when u meet them, it makes u feel guilty about not keeping in touch with them all these years. Talking to such friends makes reunion plans possible because these are mostly kind of friends who are constantly in touch with everyone. They have their contact numbers..email address, latest updates, their career graph, and their personal lives. They know everything about every other common friend that you might have. Time flies speaking to such old friends and one loves to keep in touch with them once the bond is made again. Their most common line.." yeah I met him just few days back.. yeah we spoke recently and she is doing great.." Generally this is the type of friends who encourages u to be in touch with everyone else, adds u to all the whatsapp groups of school, gives u links to other school buddies on fb, etc.

http://www.thescrib.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Bad-Job-Interviewer.jpgInterviewers: These are old friends who when u get in touch with make u feel like u r giving an interview.."so what have u been upto?...married yet? Have any kids..where are u working..who all in family?" And suddenly u feel all u need to do is give them ur passport details next..so they can steal your identity and make a scam.. these are generally those kids in school who always used to be the curious cases, asking all the teachers all kinds of questions.. They remind of Paresh rawals character from 'Judaai'. Chances are that u might never message these friends to avoid the torture of their questions.

Gossip mongers: Usually the fun type of friends only till the time u r not the target to their habit. These kinds seem most interested in knowing about u and try to catch up with u in the most casual way possible, but it happens that u only can diagnose this category of friends after a long time into the conversations, when they start their sentences with."did u know about that girl in our class..? And then u r given all the latest updates on that girl...and her best friend..her husband, her apparent affair with another guy in school that no one knew".& suddenly u feel like "where was I when all this was happening.. how come I didn't notice?" These ppl spend most of their time checking and rechecking their friends profiles on fb or chatting with friends on msngers. Be careful of such old friends, coz whatever information u reveal can be twisted and turned into a gossip by such category. Try not to become gossip material for him/her.
Royal friends: This category would probably be the most difficult to get in touch with if u ever try to track them down. This is the type who wud have been famous in school, cutest looking girl/guy, hottest looking chick, or the most popular kid of class, or toppers of the class. These are mostly ones in prestigious positions in their career and barely have time to be in touch with u, so when u might bump into them on a social networking site or on whatsapp in some random school group,they will first pretend to not remember u, and u will probably end up using every memory of urs from school to remind them. 90% chances are... after all ur attempts to remind them of who u r, they will only remember u when u reach the most embarassing incident of ur school life that u were trying to forget all ur life...something like.."remember when I spilt ink on my dress and u had helped me in the washroom?.....and THEN they will be like,.."OHHH!, yeah hi.. now I remember u.." and that moment u start regretting the moment u thought of starting to converse with them. This types is a blow on ur confidence, self esteem and respect u have for yourself. To make matters worse, u realize very late that these are the kids ur parents used to keep standards as. "Why cant u be more like him/her?"

http://www.clipartbest.com/cliparts/ncE/kk8/ncEkk8jcA.pngTroublemakers: Now I don't mean that this type creates a stir in your life when they are back in touch with u..but this type is the kind u were very close with in school. In fact, not just u 2.. but even your families knew each other as meeting-for-evening-tea kind of close. More than these friends, their parents are a torture to u, because when u meet them, they start describing to u everything that made u a loser or got u in trouble in school or college...IN FRONT OF UR SPOUSE/BF.... and God forbid if u ever meet this type or their parents with ur bf or spouse, chances are u might have to do a lot of explaining to ur better half later. "Nooo.. I wasn't punished for writing on bathroom walls.. she is just kidding" *frowns*

http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/movie-star-2620183.jpgCelebrity friends: These are friends who are so full of themselves, that they just can't stop talking about themselves. They will give u all the updates of their life to u, their friends who are big shots, their 7 figure salary,their foreign location vacations, their over achiever children and their ultra modern super hot wife/husband. They will use every opportunity to make sure u end up either depressed, suicidal or worried about your current life. But don't worry about such types. These types are generally the most insecure ones in their lives and they do so only as an excuse to remind them that their life isn't as bad.

All said and done, old friends are the only people who have been with you during your pimple days, your immature days, enjoyed your crushes with you, bunked school or college with you, made fun of teachers with you or been there for you when you were going through a crisis. So make sure you get back in touch with them and relive those times.

As far the blog is concerned, these are the types I can think of right now but if you have more types of old friends that u r in touch with or wanna add any more conversations u have had with your latest school friends, Do share and we can all have a laugh. 

Until next time..


Jay said...

Tanvi my friend, well said. And you rock gal :)

Sharath Yohannan said...

Nice one. Maybe you can add a Casual friends type as well.
Nd put up a type only for guys for whom nothing matters old or new. For them it's all about communication