20 May 2009

Cakes that help you lose weight...

I am on a weight loss programme lately and looking for every possible exercises/diet programme/method/equipment to help me achieve that. I was just surfing through google.com and this is what I came up with. I am not sure about loss of weight, but I am sure one will deifinitely lose appetite to eat cakes forever....Haha...Enjoy..
So Here goes....
Anyone for a 'Spidey-cake'???
'Wanna-be-dead-? Cake'

Reminds me of the creature from "The Legend" of Will Smith.
Need company for a bath in chocolate???'
New toppings available in the market...!!!
I really can't figure this one out..!!!
Brains anyone???

Hannibal Cake!!
Eat it or It'll eat you!!! hahahaa....
Rodent Cake..!!!

Enter-at-your-own-risk CAKE

It-looks-the-same-from-every-angle CAKE


I always had a fascination for Blue eyes...!!!

Anyone for a handful???

Such a lively set of neighbours!!!
Ask your MUMMY for the cake....!!!
and finally.....
My personal Favourite...
Can anyone suggest a caption for this cake?...C'mon people...get your minds churning....!!!
Adios...See u later...


Anand said...

Nice. I liked the Spidey cake the best. ;-)

Rahul said...

Ohhhhh man!!! I think that's the height of creativity... I never thought that there could be something which can exist like this. Nice collection Tanvi!!! :-)

Prasant Naidu. said...

this is something awesome.....and i am seeing these mouthwatering and lovely pics after my sweet desert..
Great stuff, something really different.keep the gud stuff.

Keep Rocking,

Tanvi said...

@Andy: Thanks buddy...Its really mouthwatering and gross as the same time...

Rahul: Thanks dude..Orders can be taken ...lemme know if u want me to email u the pics for reference..lol

@PN: Thanks for visiting my blog..Will try and live up to the expectations..