18 May 2009

Tagged down memory lane via numbers.

This is my first experience at being tagged by a fellow blogger "Bala" and I am currently going through a writer's block. So this tag came along at the right time. I have never been much of a number person, except that I remember phone numbers much more easily than Birth dates...

So here we go...My play with numbers starts here:

One: I have 1 sister, who I love dearly..People ask me "would I have been happier if I had a brother"...and I reply ..Hah..My sister is no less in any way..if you know what I mean. *wink*

Two: I have worked for 2 MNCs till date. Industele and Wipro BPO. Few best years of my life.

Three: I had come 3rd in 3 different sports event when I was 12 years old in one of the community Annual sports event.. "Bhatia Annual Sports Day"...Long Jump (yeah...i could jump the farthest)....Shot put...(no prize for guessing why it went the farthest)...and 400 metre running race..(longest I have run at a stretch till date..)

Four: Till date there are just 4 girls I consider as my best friends...Bhavika, Anu, Sarita and Vaishali. Its quite rare for me to easily befriend girls, but I would never trade any of my guy friends with these 4.

Five: I have had a work experience of 5 yrs in Wipro BPO...met many friends...enemies...traitors...mentors..guides...and best friends. :)

Six: I have a strong 6th Sense when it comes to people..not in judging them, but to read their minds.

Seven: There are 7 wonders in the world...which are all on my list of "Things to see before I die"

Eight: I have 8 fingers without a Ring....I am largely a jewellery person, but can't stand gold. **The 2 rings on my finger are an exception to that fact.

Nine: I like to play 9-ball game in pool...Quick finish..and in an hour's play, we can play more games.

Ten: I was 10 years old when I had got mumps...the only major disease I had since childhood. I remember my mom applying a weird paste on my throat which smelt bad, and apparently tasted bad too, since I could almost taste it every time I gulped...Yuck..!! even the thought of it still makes me pukish..!!

This has been an interesting ride with numbers...and I would love to tag few more friends..some who HATE being tagged, and some who have experience in being tagged...so guys...have fun...!!!

I would like to tag
Prateek, Anand, Impie, Alok, DD and Sakshi.


Sakshi said...

Haa nice to know the 10 things about you...my god you are really a sports gal..Did I ever tell you how bad I am at Maths?? ask my hubby he still gets furious when I give the accounts for my credit card bills...so I guess this tag is not for me..lolz

Tanvi said...

Haha, Sakshi..Thanks for replying baby...but here's ur chance to actually improve upon ur maths...try it atleast...

Imp's Mom said...

Nicely done Tanvi!

This tag has been all over the blogworld and I've been avoiding it like crazy.... I'm not promising but lets see...


Tanvi said...

@ impie: Thanks...will hope for it. Till now not a single person that i tagged has agreed to it.

Lets see...